Five Mistakes You Make While Eating Healthy Food


1.Cutting Out Carbs And Just Eating Protein.

As per USDA, about 45 to 65 percent of an adult’s daily calorie intake comes from carbs. Health experts around the world explains that intake of right carbs don’t make you gain weight. They recommend to consume carbs that have more nutritional value like brown rice, beans, quinoa and sweet potatoes.

2.Consuming The Same Food Again And Again.

It’s not just the calories that determine how nutritious the food is, but the source of these calorie. High calorie foods with fibre are better options. Mango and blueberries are perfect for your calorie intake.
Drinking alcoholic drinks/hard drinks may have some repercussions, however, drinking some alcoholic drinks, in moderation, may not harm you. Research has proved that drinking a glass of wine daily can give your immune system a boost. A glass of white wine has 120 calories and is usually preferred over red wine with 140-160 calories. Moderate alcohol consumption can ward off infections and keep your immune system in check. Don’t get too carried away, though. Excessive consumption can lead to negative effects that defeat the whole purpose or drinking wine for an immunity boost.


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